We are PPE Solutions Africa.

PPE Solutions Africa is a Personal Protection Equipment supplier that specialise in safety equipment and safety product solutions throughout Africa.

We extend our services to a variety of customers in construction, mining, industrial, medical, commercial and government sectors

Our Core value is there should be no compromise on safety in the workplace. Our industry leading personal protection equipment products are of superior quality and meet the highest industry standards at the lowest prices. This ensures cost effective solutions.

Together with our expert knowledge and experience we understand the needs of our customers and offer a wide variety of personal protective equipment products and value-added services.

Quality Assurance

It is our commitment to supply quality products and services that meet or exceed the expectations and requirements of our Clients. PPE Solutions Africa is committed to continuous quality improvement through involvement of all personnel and Clients, in a systematic, logical process, to continually improve safety effectiveness and PPE supply procedures.

Our safety solutions meet the highest industry standards and are ISO,SABS and CE certified.

PPE Service

We professionally support and supply our customers with the best protection solutions in their working environment.

Our products and services are certified according to international safety standards. PPE Solutions Africa supplies the best personal equipment brands in the industry at cost-effective prices to achieve economical viable solutions.

PPE Innovation

Innovation is fundamental to the progress of PPE in the workplace and the safety of workers. We are PPE people and are committed to providing solutions for keeping workers as safe as possible from on-the-job hazards, by collaborating within the industry of customers we supply. We offer the latest personal protective equipment solutions and procedures that can help keep workers safe whilst ensuring productivity.

PPE Assessments

Our PPE Assessments are conducted to protect workers against health and safety risks on the job by ensuring the right equipment is used. The purpose of our assessment is a quality control check to ensure that your products are reducing the exposure to hazards.

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